Legacy Fellowship
A Place Where Jesus Christ is Lord:  Jesus and the Word of God are the core, Central Focus of this ministry, with a necessary and important Emphasis on Prayer.

A Place Where All Will Experience the Presence of God:  Experience Energetic Praise,  Intimate Worship, Powerful Truth, Practical Principles, Prophetic Ministry, Dynamic Word through Relevant and Applicable Teaching.

A Place of Discipleship:  Where all find their place in HimSalvation for the lost and stimulation of the desire and hunger to achieve God’s PurposeFocus and Vision for the Believer.

A Microcosm of Heaven Where people of all races, levels of income, education and cultures build lasting relationships around God the FatherJesus Christ, and the person of the Holy Spirit

A Center for Culture Change:  Equipping all for success in the Family, Ministry, Business,  Marketplace, Education, Sports and the Arts in order to perpetuate and expand God’s Influence everywhere.​

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